Sculptures are waxed to seal the stone. If you keep yours indoors it will only need dusting. If its kept in the garden, over time the sculpture will lose its shine.

To restore it, use beeswax or a clear furniture wax (the sculptors use paraffin wax). Wait for a nice sunny day. Wash any watermarks or dust off the sculpture. Put both the wax and the sculpture in the sun to heat up the hotter the better (you could also use a hair dryer). Apply a small amount of wax to the polished parts of the sculpture then leave it to cool down (overnight if necessary). Once cool, buff hard to a perfect shine with a clean soft cloth. If the sculpture remains dull, it's because the wax didn't soak in properly so repeat the process. If you get wax on an unpolished part of the sculpture, you can remove it by rubbing with sand-paper.

Scratches and chips can be repaired. Call us and we will advise you on what can be done.